Signagelive Ideas

Make SUPPORT Dashboard / Activate Support Toggles

Make use of Support Toggles more intuitive, by having a "Support Dashboard".  Available to administrators, this would allow you to visualize what players need support. What need maintenance... etc.  Perhaps add level of priority as a toggle + Type of support needed (Expert On Site / Phone Call / Other)?

Right now - the support page allows you to basically make notes, but the toggles do nothing (and I'm sure no one uses them, as they don't actively change the status of a screen in any way).  If you had a dashboard, those toggles could control what colour the screen shows up as (maybe green-good/yellow-maintenance needed/red-in service/blue?-followup)

With over 200 screens soon... maintenance and service will be were the work will be.

  • Nick O'Brien
  • Nov 14 2016
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