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Electric Fly Catcher | Linnea Electric Fly Traps | Pestology Combines

Pestology Combines is one of the leading Electric Fly Catcher Manufacturer in India. Our Insect Killer is absolutely designed using creative techniques of production, these Insect Killer Machines destroy the insect of the surrounding area.

Pestology Combines Material Types

1. LFT115
2. NFT215
3. NFT315

These Products are insect killer machines, which is perfect to trap flying insects from your home, kitchen, showroom, shopping centers, and so on. It is safe and clean being used. Traps flies and insects inside and simple to clean. No foul smell or harmful fumes are given out by the product. No zapping sound. Works quietly and traps fly without any annoying noise. Best for High-End Kitchens, Restaurants, and Bakeries. 

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  • Jan 22 2020
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