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Add "wait forever, advance with mouse/keypress" to playback duration of a media item...

It would be nice to control the playback timing of a media element via user interaction.  

So instead of just having a fixed duration in seconds, if you have a "wait forever" option , you can give the user the ability to  advance or go back in that playlist like a PPT presentation.  If the the media item is a still image (JPEG) then just hold on that until you click.  If the media item is a movie (MPEG) then you'll probably want to loop that indefinitely until a mouse click.

Left mouse click advances.  Right mouse click goes back.  Page up is next.  Page down is back.

End user example of this is in a BestBuy store.  Press the "More Info" button and it brings up a JPEG with the selling points for that TV.  Press the >> button to go to the next page of features.  Press the << button to go back.  Going one back from the start exits the interrupt.  Going one past the end, also exits the interrupt.  Would definitely like to see this for the 10,000 player deployment at BestBuy for Samsung.  If there is some other work around...please advise.

Thanks.  Jeff Porter  +1 610-202-7676

  • Jeff Porter
  • Oct 14 2016
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