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Generate video thumbnails >1s into video

For most videos we upload, we include a pre-post roll of approx 3 seconds. This means that when a default video thumbnail is generated by SL Cloud, all of our thumbnails look the same. This makes 'reading' the playlist difficult and relies on hovering over to view the asset filename. It is assumed that an offset is already taken into account (it looks approx 1s into the video). The same may happen for content that has a fade-in, with the thumbnail looking dark (still fading in).

If feasible, perhaps 20% into the video would yield a more representative result.

Is there a way to increase the thumbnail offset to ensure thumbnails are more representative of content.

Other thoughts:

  • A network-level 'offset' set by the user. May be harder to implement this level of granular control.
  • Creating a short (e.g. four frame) animated GIF using frames of the video at 20%-40%-60%-80% way through the video which displays on roll-over.
  • Martin
  • Dec 21 2015
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