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Improved YouTube and other video platform integration

It seems other digital signage solutions provide this integration: the user can enter the URL of a video and the system automatically inserts only the video content, not the whole webpage. I imagine this could be done with other media portals like Vimeo with a new "multimedia control asset" by detecting the URL domain and embedding the video accordingly.

  • Tobias Dartsch
  • Dec 8 2015
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  • Ken Bronson commented
    August 14, 2017 20:35

    Vimeo and Akamai integration would be helpful for business accounts

  • Rick Merrill commented
    March 22, 2019 20:13

    You can use Vimeo. Go to the Vimeo page you want, click on the Share button in the upper right hand corner, in the Share windows select the Embed tab. Adjust the Player size then copy the embed URL and place it in the YouTube widget. It works great. Note: the URL in the address bar does not work, you have to have the embed URL.