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Scheduled Content / Publishing Groups

It would be nice to be able to schedule and publish content to a "group". All players in the group get the updated content but additionally new players can be added to the group and automatically get sent the content that has been scheduled for the group.

  • Matt Hunt
  • Jun 8 2015
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  • Martin commented
    December 09, 2015 10:46

    Nice idea! Would this be functionality crossover/be more desirable than the one below:

    My feeling is by adding players to 'groups' would feel more intuitive, so we could simply add players to a group and they would inherit entire layouts and interrupt schedules. The only negative would be if you had a 'master' player that you cloned, then wanted to make small modifications to, the 'grouping' future may be less applicable. However, I see that using player tags would come into their own in this instance, allowing more granular control of 'localised content' for players with a group.

    Maybe there's a case for each approach, depending on use case.