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Ability to update the content on a set of screens instantly (Emergency Messaging)

This is effectively "Emergency Messaging" but I think it combines a number of items, the ability to select a group of players and save them as a Group and then be able to push content to those screens instantly and not wait for a content check. This content could be pre defined content, in the form of a playlist or there could be a way to create an emergency message or link to fire alarms or third party systems

  • Neil Grayton
  • May 27 2015
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  • laurent lecerf commented
    January 15, 2016 11:02

    more generally, it would be interesting when publishing to allow a "force check". Most of the time, if I submit new content on my players, I want them to take it in account as soon as possible. (even a minute delay is too much)

  • Martin commented
    August 23, 2016 12:16

    As laurent mentions in the reply, the ability to 'force update' would be a welcomed feature (maybe only via higher admin privileges in the dashboard). As some players only check-in once per day (set by the player check-in policy) we may sometimes face an issue whereby a campaign needs to be updated/withdrawn from display (for legal/technical/stocking or other reasons) but under existing player policies we could face up to a 24 hour wait until the content change would populate to the player.

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